Richard Maidment Portrait

About Richard Maidment


With a passion and talent for sharing stories through his photography, Richard Maidment honed his craft with a Bachelor Degree in Photography from the University of the Arts, London. Since graduating, Richard has been able to advance his knowledge and expertise across a range of fields, from portraits, photojournalism, editorial and commercial photography. His fascination with human beauty and his technical expertise of working with natural light has founded Richard’s place within the industry and provided a distinctive and desired signature style.


As well as a decade of building a diverse portfolio through his photography business. Richard has been honoured to work with prestigious commercial photography businesses and established photography studios. His expertise, professional approach and impressive skills have led Richard to create stunning fashion and portrait photography for highly regarded brands in the fashion and commercial industry.


Richard currently splits his time between London and Japan. Work and travel throughout Japan has provided Richard with a breathtaking portfolio that beautifully surmises the wonder of Japan. His love of the scenery, nature, atmosphere and people provided Richard with the ideal theme for his Tokyo 2016 exhibition entitled; Passing Moments: An exhibition of split seconds and moments otherwise unnoticed.

Richard describes the exhibition as: “Everyday life laid bare through a series of stills: two very different cultures – a collection of emotions that are each as relatable as the last.”

With Richard’s utmost respect for culture as well as a love of travel and unique natural style, his work has attracted admirers from all over the globe and provided Richard with an opportunity to work with a vast array of clients across the UK, Japan and throughout the world.


Through a focused yet relaxed approach, Richard ensures models feel completely comfortable in order to produce the best images that allow natural beauty to shine through. While experienced in studio photography, Richard's signature style takes him predominantly to on-location shooting so he can capitalise on natural light.

“My love of travel and enjoyment of exploring new places has always pushed me to explore new styles for my photography. I love on-location shooting to incorporate stunning culture and scenery of the area to really bring the photographs to life. I actively encourage models to interact with the location to provide a completely natural integration of the beauty of both the setting and subject” - Richard Maidment

The joy for Richard comes from the challenge that natural light presents and finding the perfect way to harness the light in new and unusual locations. Exploring the ways that light can enhance the features and imagery has impressed clients, who seek Richard out for his signature style and craft for utilising natural light for a pure and fresh approach to their imagery.

When Richard is not working on fashion and commercial photography projects, he relaxes with his passion for street photography.