Richard Maidment: An academic and freelance career defined by split seconds.

Richard Maidment began taking photos as a young child; this childhood fascination, in turn, transformed into a life of academic study and a career defined by the freedom of freelance photography.

After gaining his Bachelor in Arts at the University of the Arts, London, as well as a passion for photojournalism nurtured throughout his studies, today Richard’s inherent interest lies within the forms that make up the special moments of ordinary days: moments that are unexpected, incontrollable and unpredictable.

Passing Moments: An exhibition of split seconds and moments otherwise unnoticed.

The modern world spins faster than ever, with each of us living lives that are ever more under pressure; Passing Moments is Richard’s artistic capturing of daily lives where so many moments get lost amongst an otherwise unremarkable twenty-four hours.

This series of black and white stills can truly be regarded as a single still within a person’s day, and an individual moment that passes almost as quickly as the millisecond a camera shutter takes to open and close.

Richard’s core challenge when creating this collection was achieving both balanced composition, as well as the capturing of that single, split second moment – throughout which a range of emotions communicate relatable feelings to the person viewing each photo within the collection.

The exhibition spans both the UK and Japan, and despite the drastically differing landscapes and cultures of these two countries that have so fascinated Richard, Passing Moments explores the similarities of moments and emotions, for those living and moving through the contrasting urban and rural backdrops within each country.

Throughout his travels, and the series of millisecond stories that he has captured, Richard has held a great respect for each person he has photographed; and with this respect for the subjects of his photographs, Richard has equally encapsulated a singular special moment where everything comes together around them.

Everyday life laid bare through a series of stills: two very different cultures – a collection of emotions that are each as relatable as the last.

リチャード・メイドマント 瞬間を撮ることによって形成された経歴



過ぎ行く瞬間 見過ごしてしまいそうな一瞬の出来事

現代の世界は今までにない早さで回っており、私たち一人ひとりは常にプレッシャーに晒されています。ともすれば、24時間の中で見落とされてしまう日常の瞬間を捉えたリチャードの芸術作品を本展示会 PASSING MOMENTS でご鑑賞ください。